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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips: Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks with Google Account Bookmarks

Well, not exactly. But here's a quick workaround.

As I started using Chrome more than Firefox over the last year, I realized I had abandoned Delicious completely and was no longer using Google Bookmarks. Instead, I was just using Google Chrome Bookmarks.

A friend of mine recently asked what I used for bookmarks as Delicious has seemed to go the way of the dodo. I explained to him that I was now using Chrome Bookmarks. He in turn was just copy/pasting links to a Google Doc.

Unfortunately, the technology used for Chrome Bookmarks at this time is not compatible to do a true "sync" with Google Bookmarks.

But there is an easy workaround:

1) In Chrome, click the settings button (wrench) and click "options":

2) After clicking "options", click on "Personal Stuff"

3) You'll see the 1st option is "Sync". Click here and select "customize".

4) Input your Google account info here.

5) Now, when you're on any computer and sign into your account on that computer, your Chrome interface will be identical across all computers.

So if you click the "star" icon in the Chrome address bar, it will add your new bookmark to the desired Chrome Bookmark folder...on all computers.

Not always using Chrome and still want access to your bookmarks? No problem!...

6) In addition to syncing your Chrome settings and bookmarks across all computers you login to your Google account on, Chrome Bookmarks sync will ALSO create a Google Document with all your bookmarks.


7) Visit

8) Look down in the "My Folders" section and you will see a "Google Chrome" folder, complete with the Chrome logo.

9) Click on the Google Chrome folder and you can navigate all your bookmarks via IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.


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