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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 20 Google AdWords Keyword Categories

Insightful article by MarketingProfs, listing the most expensive and top Adwords categories:

The top five high-volume keyword categories that demand the highest costs per click are as follows:
  1. Insurance. Top CPC: $55 (example keywords/keyphrases are "auto insurance price quotes" and "buy car insurance online)
  2. Loans. Top CPC: $44 (examples: "consolidate graduate student loans" and "cheapest homeowner loans").
  3. Mortgage. Top CPC: $47 (examples: "refinanced second mortgages" and "remortgage with bad credit")
  4. Attorney. Top CPC: $47 (examples: "personal injury attorney" and "dui defense attorney")
  5. Credit. Top CPC: $36 (examples: "home equity line of credit" and "bad credit home buyer")

And what it means? Read the original article to see:


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