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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEWS: CollegeGear Affiliate Phone Number

Back in 2003, I joined as an affiliate for my college sports website I had decent sales and received payments. Fast forward a few years and their customer service is non-existent.

For the past year, I've been trying to contact part of the FeelGoodNetwork affiliate program. They have a contact form on their website, so you'd think it would be as simple as filling in the form. No dice. I've done this 10 times with no response. Luckily, I have about 5 email addresses from employees there since I had been one of the original affiliates. Still, no responses from the emails I sent to them.

Next step...find a phone number. Alas, no phone number on the website. Next step is a whois search, but even there they have a bad phone number.

So I finally found a number that rings. It was on an old PDF contract from them. But when I called, it's an answering service. So i still have no clue if they will get back to me. The person I spoke with even gave me another number to try (800-939-9829) and that number was no good.

From Amazon:

Some numbers that no longer work: 
(800) 988-7835 (answering service...disconnected now)
(800) 939-9829 (disconnected)
(206) 547-1411 (disconnected number they still have everywhere)
(206) 336-5594 (used to be the CEOs number but is now some other company)
(206) 529-5024 (marketing manager phone number that is no longer working)


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